2nd Tracks Invades the Alta Peruvian Video Challenge

Last week 2nd Tracks Owners Ben and Katy, along with our warehouse manager, Phillip “Full Carbon Phil” Potter, got to go up and judge the Alta Peruvian Video Challenge. Of course, they brought the goods with them and stoked out a couple local athletes with two brand new pairs of skis.

For those of you just tuning in, the Alta Peruvian Video Challenge is an event put on by Discrete to showcase local film makers and help up and coming athletes get their shot in the spotlight. Of course, the 2nd Tracks crew is all about that! This was week three of the challenge and there have already been some really fantastic videos submitted. If you haven’t been up there already, I would recomend you check it out.

After they drank some tasty barley beverages and rubbed elbows with the good people of the renowned “P-Dog” bar, Ben, Katy and Phil got to pull out their scorecards and watch some sweet original content! Below are the two winners they came up with.

First Place: Eric Balken & Carston Oliver

Second place: Eddy Honea

Check out some photos of the party contest below, and catch up on previous challenges over on Discrete’s Blog. The challenge is every other Thursday, so go up there and join in the fun! Round Four is February 26th, 5pm at the Peruvian.

Thanks for having us guys, we had a blast and can not wait for the next one!



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