Deal Alert!! Ortovox Beacon Exchange

Are you fired up for winter!? We certainly are! As you assemble your winter riding kit, we want you to stay safe in the backcountry with a modern beacon. Beacons, unlike a nice scotch, don’t improve with age. Any beacon more than 5 years old, or lacking 3 digital antenna should be considered for replacement. Which is why 2nd Tracks is teaming up with Ortovox to offer you a special deal on a new beacon –  you can buy an Ortovox beacon at 2nd Tracks, and bring in any old beacon for $75 credit on your new beacon. Thats right, your old Tracker 1 or analog beacon is useful for something more than a doorstop! So clear out your gear closet, stop in at 2nd Tracks and load up with a new beacon and any other avy gear you might need.

Ortovox was founded in 1980 in Germany. They manufacture top-quality snow safety gear, backpacks and mountain apparel. Initially designed for backcountry skiers and snowboarders, Ortovox now offers a complete freeride skiing line too! Their continued dedication to excellence ensures that you will be safe, warm and dry on the ski hill

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