Inkline Foot Science – A 2nd Tracks Highlight

Inkline Foot Science – Treat Your Feet

Inkline Foot Science has been open and fitting boots for several years now, but owner Chris O’Conner and his crew have over 30 years of collective boot fitting experience. It is certainly safe to say these guys know their craft inside and out. In case their experience wasn’t enough, Inkline is located right next to the 2nd Tracks: Salt Lake; talk about one stop boot shopping!

Inkline Foot Science

When I started working at 2nd Tracks four or so winters ago, I was a mess in terms of ski boots. After spending tons of money on custom footbeds and hot punching a pair of boots at a boot fitter that will remain nameless, I was still super unhappy with my boots. Months of black and blue toes and within 5 minutes Chris diagnosed my problem, my boots were a whole size too big; no amount of work would make them right. “Damn”, I thought, “You would think the “other guys” would have told me that before I spent a fortune with them…”

inkline foot science
Every wall is covered with signed posters from pros who love Inkline

After that day I have had all my boot work done by Chris and never looked back. He helped me pick out some more appropriate boots and set me up with Intuition liners; he was even able to grind down my custom footbeds to work in the new boots. I am a believer, these guys rock!

This winter Inkline will be changing things up a bit. They are focusing even more on delivering an amazing customer experience that gained my loyalty. They will still be doing over night boot modifications like always, but now if you want to get fit you have to make an appointment. This way they can give every customer the time and individualized expertise they deserve.

They also have gotten the latest vacuum fitting equipment for the new Fisher vacuum custom shell line. These boots are the epitome of 100% custom boots and Inkline is one of the only places that carries/services them. Punching and grinding will never be necessary on a pair of these bad chickens. Check out their sweet new machine:

Fischer Vauum Fit

If you are fed up with poorly fitted boots and being ripped off by the other guys, check out Inkline Foot Science. They can answer all your questions and get you fit into a boot that was made just for your foot. These guys are artists with plastic and foam; see them at, give them a call at (801) 486-6999 or check out their Facebook and Yelp pages. Or maybe just stop by there next time you’re at 2nd Tracks, they are right next door after all.

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