Review of the Volkl Nunataq by Miles Holland

Review of the Volkl Nunataq by Miles Holland

2nd Tracks Volkl nunataq Miles holland

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Miles Holland
180 pounds
Ski: 178cm Volkl Nunataq
Binding: Dynafit Tech binding
Boot: Dynafit One PX

In the last few years, Volkl has made a splash with their backcountry oriented skis like the Katana V-works, BMT series, and my personal favorite – the Nunataq. The Nunataq has become my touring ski of choice this season because of how effectively it blends lightweight design with solid construction and an all-conditions shape. It features a full-length, vertical sidewall and is stiffer than most touring skis while avoiding the deflection problem common for stiff touring skis. Despite it’s robust bones, it weighs a mere 3750 grams per pair – Or just slightly heavier than 3 filled Nalgene bottles. That’s light enough for me to skin all day, complete hours-long approaches in hiking shoes (While carrying skis, skins, and boots in a pack), or balance on one finger – this ski is LIGHT!!

Volkl nunataq backcountry skis 2nd tracks
Spring Conditions = Variable

As for downhill performance, the Nunataq leaves little to be desired. Like I mentioned before, this ski is stiff – a key requirement for large skiers like myself. It features a vertical sidewall (Capped construction is more common) to improve energy transfer and increase durability. The laminated wood core also aided ski performance by providing a damp, stable platform. Volkl claims this ski to be fully rockered, though I would describe the shape as flat underfoot with early rise in the tip and tail. The wide waist (107mm) and early rise tip allowed it to perform in soft and variable snow, while the stiff platform, full-length side cut and having most of the ski on the ground allowed it to carve through hard pack, corn snow, and the occasional groomer. The early rise tip eased turn initiation, but wasn’t so rockered that it became floppy in variable conditions.

Overall, I was impressed by the Nunataq! I know of many skis with a similar style (100-110 underfoot, early rise tip, and light), and have ridden on a few others, but Volkl has dominated this niche with the Nunataq.

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