Scott Enduro Cup Results – 2nd Tracks Team Riders Kill It!

Scott Enduro Cup Results – 2nd Tracks Team Riders Kill It!

We are pleased to announce the Scott Enduro Cup Results for 2014. Last week we wrote up a quick post about this event that you can check out here: The Scott Enduro Cup – Mountain Swell Blog. 2nd Tracks is proud to have had five of our crew ride in the race, and they all did an amazing job! For those inquiring minds, here is a definition of Enduro Race from the Scott Enduro Cup website,

“[Enduro Racing is a] European Style of racing new to North America, using a rally-style format involving timed Competition Stages (descents) linked by Transfer Stages (climbs) that are not factored into the overall time. Enduro combines the excitement of Downhill, the fitness of Cross Country and camaraderie like you’ve never experienced at an event before. The fastest growing mountain bike race discipline in the North America, 90% of the nation’s Super D events switched to Enduro format for 2012.”

Scott Enduro Cup Website

second tracks team rider Maxx Cohen
Photo by Dathan Fahrenhight

We are so grateful to everyone who came out to compete and to support the athletes! Here at the Mountain Swell Blog, we might be a bit biased, but we think the 2nd Tracks Team Riders did especially well.

Here are their results:

In the Women’s Open category we had 2nd Tracks team Rider Ileana Anderson place third with a killer time of just 22:38.954 In the Amateur Men’s category we had shop mechanic Elliot Doe place fifth with an incredible time of just 21:31.323. The outstanding Dan Bye place tenth with an overall time of 22:24.664 and hot on his heels our dread-tastic 2nd Tracks Team Rider Maxx Cohen place fourteenth with a time of 23:08.764. In the Amateur Women’s category we had Salt Lake store manager Kelsey Olsen take second place with a time of 28:23.896.

  You can view full race results here

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