The Ski Swap at 2nd Tracks

The Ski Swap at 2nd Tracks

Ah The Ski Swap, what a great time of year! At 2nd Tracks we have a yearly tradition of holding a special Ski Swap weekend at each of our locations and just getting rowdy as none other! If you have ever been before, you know that this is when we have critical mass in terms of winter gear, and just the best selection of new and used gear at a great price. 

If you have never been before, what are you waiting for, son?!? Its almost a party disguised as a sale, with so much inventory we actually spill out into the parking lot. The BBQ is as plentiful as the deals, and if you come at just right time you might even score a barley beverage or two (with valid ID, of course).

When you read ski swap, some of you must be thinking, “Well, how do I get some of my gear in there?”. Excellent question, we will start taking winter gear September 15th: anything brought in between then in the swap will be included in the festivities. If you have skis, boots, snowboards or winter apparel you no longer need, it is ideal to get them in before the swap. It has a better chance of selling that weekend then any other, and if it doesn’t sell you can just leave it here for the remainder of the season. No shlepping your stuff home if it doesn’t sell, and you don’t have to stand there all day with it. We take care of everything!

We have started handing out the Ski Swap cards that are good for 5 dollars of your ski swap purchase. You can swing by wither store and grab one any time, its a good reminder for the swap dates and it helps save you some green. the ski swap @ 2nd tracks

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