This Winter Is Going To Be DEEP! Trust Me

This Winter Is Going To Be DEEP! Trust me, the signs are all there…

Tons of rain this summer, it snowed once in August, and the last 2 winters were light so by default we’re going to get hammered, right? Well, we sure hope so. Everyone has their reasons as to why they think it will snow more then the last few years. I certainly can’t have a shot and a beer in the Tram Club without over hearing some of these legends. They range from seemingly true scientific fact, to obvious bed time story fiction. The truth is we just don’t know what to expect until the snow starts falling. Yea, yea la nina, el nino, I know, I know. The fact that we honestly don’t know what will happen is a good thing, its part of the excitement. So while all we can do is hope for the best, I have some sound advice for how to “know” if it will be a Game of Thrones style winter this year. Winter is COMING!

Whatever the farmers almanac saWinter Snow Storm Dumps Snowys, believe the opposite. People like my dad will try and tell you that this thing is always right but what does some old Amish dude from Maine know? In fact the publishers are highly secretive about the method used to make its predictions, only stating publicly that it is a “top secret mathematical and astronomical formula, that relies on tidal charts and sun path activity”. Seems like if they really knew what mother nature had in store they would sell that formula to the Weather Channel so they could stop writing books nobody reads. Rule of thumb with winter is you can’t believe everything you hear. For example, old timers are comparing this summer (2014) to the summer of 1984. If you can remember the summer of 84′ then more power to you, but at that age, I think you’re likely just confusing 1984 with last summer, 2013. I know time flies damn. Also if squirrels have unusually bushy tails in September it may or may not snow a lot, Rodents tail size is erroneous. Bees nest higher, sunflowers come out earlier or face a certain direction, trees produce more pine cones.. The list of wives-tales goes on.

Regardless what happens this winter I’m going to enjoy it. After all, we live in Utah, our worst winter is better then most people’s best. We are all so lucky to live in such a place. Growing up skiing Whiteface Mountain in upstate New York made me look on the positive side of winter. We should all approach winter the same way here in Utah. Yea it may not snow as much as we want, but it will snow, I promise you that. If there’s fewer powder days this season, ski them bell to bell, enjoy every lap, every turn. Quality not quantity is they key. As long as you can fill you mind with sufficient face shot memories of skiing with friends come summer, you’ll be happy.

Here’s the official prediction: Its going to start cooling off, the days will get shorter. Leaves will change colors and eventually fall off the trees. It will snow, stop snowing and snow again. Then it will warm up and snow again (a lot). After the snow stops it will warm up, get hotter, to hot, way to hot. Then start cooling off again. Winter is easy to predict after all.

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